Mac safari crashes on youtube

Safari crashes as soon as you tap the URL bar. Benjamin develops iOS apps professionally and covers Apple news and rumors for 9to5Mac.

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While Safari being slow, unresponsive, or unstable are the top problems to worry about, there are some other less frequent issues might need to be fixed. Safari users worldwide have reported a rare bug of not being able to play YouTube videos in some cases. And it seems like there are a few different problems at play.

To fix this, clear all cache and cookies from your browser and check all your extensions too. Then enable JavaScript.

Solved: YouTube Videos that won’t Play on MacBook Pro

In some rare cases, you might get the issue of YouTube showing a black or green screen with the sound working. Alternatively, get a YouTube downloader and player app like Elmedia Player and watch your video right from your Desktop. When you are in the reverse situation, with video but no sound, check the sound settings first and then repeat the steps in the paragraph above. Lastly, try optimizing your Mac with CleanMyMac X maintenance features, which are time-tested ways to get rid of bugs that might prevent you from running YouTube properly.

But showing the full URL is still an option. With the proliferation of web apps, came web-based push notifications that now seem to be present on every website you visit. If push notifications start to annoy you, there is a quick fix. Make sure to close those pages when you finish reading the content.

Avoiding excessive multitasking in any browser is a good way to keep things at top speed. You always have the option to perform these checks manually from time to time, or automate the whole process with powerful apps, all of which are available on the Setapp , along with other best-in-class Mac apps for your daily tasks. How to Troubleshoot Safari on Your Mac 4. Most Common Issues with Safari Being the default browser on all Macs and one of the most popular browsers in the world, Safari is well-optimized for everything you might throw at it.

How to Troubleshoot Safari on Your Mac

Safari running slow Depending on your machine, your might experience Safari performing slower from time to time. Disable search suggestions A quick but reliable remedy for speeding up your Safari is turning off search suggestions.

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Check all extensions Safari extensions are written by third-party software developers, not by Apple itself. Test other Safari plugins and add-ons The extensions are a lot easier to find and manage than the other plugins and add-ons you might have in Safari.

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Click on the Websites tab. Select the plugins in the bottom left corner and disable them for specific websites. You can also remove plugins altogether and see whether it fixes the problem: Go to Finder.

How to reset safari on Mac?

To do that: Open Terminal Type defaults write com. Update to the latest version of Safari Some Safari problems are caused by plain bugs, and Apple regularly issues security patches to deal with them. Inspect your network From time to time, slow speed can be the result of your network performing poorly.

Fix Common Safari Problems for Top Performance

Youtube in Safari cause system crash Ask Question. Is the Flash Player the main source of problem here? I updated it to the latest version. First thing I would always try for Flash issues is to disable Hardware Acceleration Tetsujin Tetsujin Thanks for the tip, I will do that once my school break is about to end; I need a stabile computer to finish my work: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.