I get a folder with a question mark on my mac

The hard drive is then connected to the computer via different route, bypassing the defective data cable.

Flashing folder with question mark, Fix Macbook not booting up. (1 of 2)

It does mean you no longer have an optical drive, but that's a small price to pay to have a functional computer! All these solutions are garbage. I love my mbp 2. I had the same problem. And after trying almost everything I finally find the solution, very simple by the way. By turning off the computer and removing one of the memory ram card, turn on again and it will go straight like nothing, do your settings and turn off again and add again the removed ram.

The Dreaded Flashing Question Mark

Alex barraclough bouncingbuddha. Literally replace the hard drive cable. Take off the back the MacBook, remove the HDD, remove the cable from the logic board and any screw that are holding it down. Check serial number on it.

Order one from amazon, prime it so you get it the day after and just put it back together the same way it came out. Im probably doing something wrong I need help!! Luis E Martinez.

A flashing question mark in a folder

If you have done all this before and the problem continues, it could be that you have a dead drive, and you have to replace it! Nick Balazs nblazes. As soon as I turned it on and tried loading programs like Safari or iTunes, the computer would pinwheel. After thinking for five or ten minutes the program would load.

When searching the internet, the same thing would happen. Click a link and pinwheel, five or ten minutes, page would load. I've partitioned it and formatted it to mac. When I connect it internally to the macbook, and power on the computer, grey file folder with question mark.

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You guessed it, grey file folder with question mark. I just want to get the computer up and running. Try setting up the OS with the drive inside the Mac. Don't partition it externally then add the drive. ArrDee lasdavis. I looked at the online video for this question mark issue and they all show the cable for a HDD.

Toshiba I believe. I have SSD. What is the solution for that type of drive for the???? The solutions for the? I reviewed several online videos and they all point to cable replacement for HDD. I have a SDD in my Mac.

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What is the solution for that? Kim Ashby kimkay. I wasin deisk utility settings and i cant install os x lion it keeps saying that the item is unavailable.. And i dont have choices of disk everytime i try to click the start up where you have to choose diak but nothing came off.. The click just say restart.. After i restart my macbook just start flashing folder with question mark.. What to do?? MMy boboyfriend doesnt know what i did.. But sometimes you may find your Mac displaying the question mark icon, either for a short time before finally finishing the startup process or it may appear stuck on the question mark, waiting for your help.

While the question mark is flashing, your Mac is checking all available disks for an operating system it can use.

SOLVED: A flashing question mark in a folder - MacBook Air 13" Mid - iFixit

If it finds one, your Mac will finish booting. From the information in your question, it sounds like your Mac does eventually find a disk it can use as the startup drive and finishes the boot process. You can shorten, well, actually eliminate, the search process by selecting a startup disk in System Preferences. A list of drives that are currently connected to your Mac and have OS X, macOS, or another bootable operating system installed on them will be displayed.

Click on the padlock icon in the bottom left corner, then provide your administrator's password. From the list of available drives, select the one you wish to use as your Startup Disk. If the next time you start up your Mac the flashing question mark doesn't go away, and your Mac doesn't finish booting, you may have a more serious problem than a difficult-to-find operating system.

Chances are your selected startup drive is having issues, possibly disk errors that may be preventing the necessary startup data from properly loading. But before you try the Safe Boot option, go back and check the Startup Disk you selected in the previous step. Make sure it's the same one that your Mac is actually using once it finally boots up. There are many different potential causes, but the end-result is usually the same: This is only if the question mark appears and then remains on the screen at start up.

For some people, the question mark will only appear briefly before leaving the screen. This is a less severe problem and usually only requires selecting the appropriate start up disk from the Mac system preferences. Solving the second, less-severe problem is quite easy.

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However, on the other hand, if you attempt to start your Mac and you only get the question mark without the system starting up afterwards, then there is likely some corrupt data. A corrupted system may seem like an unsolvable problem at first, but there are solutions. Your best course of action would be to contact a professional data recovery service. They can perform a variety of functions, from restoring your lost files to repairing a corrupt hard drive.