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This works pretty much the same as what you just did.

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Place your cursor at the end of the page on which you wanted the header or footer removed—in other words, right before the first page where you want the header or footer to start again. Now, activate the header or footer area on the first page of that new section.

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Now, all you have to do is create the header or footer you want to use for the rest of the document. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.

How to Hide Headers in Word

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Sorry this didn't help. I too am using Word on my mac.

Add or remove a header or footer in Word for Mac - Word for Mac

I have it on my windows partition and it never does that annoying header cut-out. I tried the above solutions and got the headers but every time I went back to close word and re-open the program, it would still cut the headers. I thought Closed the program, then re-opened it for others reading this, make sure you exit the program New default. I'm curious as to why this never was an issue on the windows version? Anyway, thanks for your solution!!!

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Skip to main content. For business readers, every second counts in holding a client's interest. While a header typically includes the title or page numbers, it doesn't have to. The page numbers can go in the footer area — their traditional location — and you don't need to repeat the title on every page, or at least not on the first page. Shutting off headers in Word gives your document less white space, or top margin area, which translates into more page space for your content.

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