How to run downloaded rosetta stone on mac

We recommend using the latest version of iTunes.

For any issues related to iTunes troubleshooting, please refer to Apple Support. Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable.

Locate the Rosetta Stone application, and click on it. You'll see the app homepage containing detailed information reviews, instructions, screenshots, etc. Download the level from the link you were provided. For steps to install on a Windows XP computer, click here. For steps to install on a Windows Vista or 7 computer, click here. For steps to install on a Windows 8 or 10 computer, click here.

For steps to install on a Mac OSX computer, click here. The file will look something like this: Next, click into the following folders: Now open Rosetta Stone and you should see a message saying "Installing Languages". It's the same language, with different dialects, like the difference between American and British English.

Download your Rosetta Stone product:

Both are good choices for most situations. But if you plan on spending time in Spain and the European Spanish-speaking areas, Spanish Spain should be your choice. Want more details? The differences in the products range from subtle to more noticeable. Our Spanish Latin America product is based on the way Spanish is spoken across many countries in North, South, and Central America and the Caribbean, while our Spanish Spain product is based on how Spanish is spoken in Spain and its nearby territories, such as the Canary Islands. While most forms of Spanish retain an essential core understood by most speakers of the language, the two forms we teach contain notable differences in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

Installing The Rosetta Stone Learn Languages App - Rosetta Stone Support

Grammar differences also exist--for example, Spanish Spain has some additional verb inflections, and verb tenses may be used differently in Spain than in Latin America. Similar to the way British English and American English vocabulary have evolved separately over the last several hundred years, Spanish vocabulary has diverged from one side of the Atlantic to the other.

How to download Rosetta stone free

This is especially true in areas such as technology. A simple example would be the word for car, which is coche in Spain and mostly carro in Latin America.

Even within Latin America, there are regional differences in vocabulary, so for our Spanish Latin America product, we chose standard words that are understood throughout Latin America. Will I be able to run this on my PC? What if I have a Mac? The minimum system requirements are:.

Install Rosetta Stone:

I'm receiving an error code when using the product, what do I do? While we do our best to ensure our products work as often as well as possible, errors do happen. If your issue provided you with an exact error code, visit Success Central and run a search for the exact code. How do I install the program? First and foremost, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements. If it does, then you're in good shape. If you happen to have TOTALe then you're in luck, as the program is entirely browser-based and requires no installation.

For Rosetta Course, however, installation is required. A handy wizard will walk you through the process when you insert the CD, for Download you simply follow the online instructions. If you need a bit of further guidance, see this video if you're installing on a Mac. If you're on Windows, check out this video. How do I deactivate the product? There are plenty of reasons to deactivate your Rosetta Stone product, from a simple return to migrating to a new computer.

Deactivating is a simple process that can be done through the program interface itself. Still need help? Try this comprehensive walkthrough.

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Things are a slightly bit different if you're on Version 3. See the walkthrough.

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How to install Rosetta Course on a computer with no CD drive? Where do I renew my subscription?