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Andolfatto, David. Ayyoub, Muhammad Jr. Antolin-Diaz, Juan. Anton, Roman. Azzimonti, Marina. Benchimol, Jonathan. Bachmann, Ruediger. Bagis, Bilal. Bagnai, Alberto. Bent, Peter H. Bosupeng, Mpho. Bounader, Lahcen. Bouoiyour, Jamal. Bernardo, Giovanni. Bande, Roberto. Branch, William A. Barbosa-Filho, Nelson Henrique. Barrdear, John.

Bibow, Joerg. Bignon, Vincent. Billio, Monica. Blanchard, Olivier J. Brunnermeier, Markus K. Blanchflower, David G. Baum, Christopher F. Becchetti, Leonardo. Bussiere, Matthieu. Byrne, David Michael. Chakraborty, Lekha S. Camacho, Maximo.

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Colla-De-Robertis, Esteban. Campos, Nauro F. Cantore, Cristiano. Comunale, Mariarosaria. Conde-Ruiz, J. Constantinescu, Mihnea. Coroneo, Laura. Coronese, Matteo. Chinn, Menzie.

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Coudert, Virginie. Doepke, Matthias. Demertzis, Maria. Demirguc-Kunt, Asli. De Nardi, Mariacristina. Domenech, Rafael. Danthine, Samuel. Dovern, Jonas. Daude, Christian. Drechsel, Thomas. Decker, Ryan A. Dullien, Sebastian. De Grauwe, Paul. Dilger, Alexander. Dehmej, Salim.

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Di Nola, Alessandro. Delatte, Anne-Laure. Ekor, Maxwell. Eichengreen, Barry Julian. Estrada, Fernando. Evans, Olaniyi. Ferrara, Laurent. Frankel, Jeffrey Alexander. Faria-e-Castro, Miguel. Fratzscher, Marcel. Farmer, Roger E. Fatas, Antonio.

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Fonseca, Raquel. Foster, Lucia Smith. Gourio, Francois. Ghironi, Fabio. Ghodsi, Mohammad Mahdi. Givens, Gregory. Gruebler, Julia. Guerrero-de-Lizardi, Carlos. Garicano, Luis. Gomez-Gonzalez, Jose Eduardo. Guimaraes, Bernardo. Gautier, Erwan. Gautier, Pieter A. Gavazza, Alessandro. Gonzalez-Astudillo, Manuel. Gonzalez-Rozada, Martin. Geloso, Vincent J. Guriev, Sergei. Guttman-Kenney, Benedict. Guvenen, Fatih. Hofstetter, Marc. Heathcote, Jonathan. Holden, Tom D. Holmes, Mark J. Holzner, Mario. Hendrickson, Joshua.

Horvath, Michal. Hanif, Muhammad Nadim. Heutel, Garth. Hevia, Constantino. Hickey, Ross D. Hijzen, Alexander. Hasan, Zubair. Haskel, Jonathan E. Hirsch, Cornelius. Idier, Julien. Inklaar, Robert. Ilzetzki, Ethan. Jensen, Henrik. Jadeau, Christophe. Jaelani, Aan. Jimeno, Juan F. Jansen, David-Jan. Jarmin, Ron S. Kabas, Gazi. Kibritcioglu, Aykut.

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Kiley, Michael T. Kalantzis, Yannick. Korhonen, Iikka. Korkut, Cem. Korobilis, Dimitris. Kimball, Miles Spencer. Kinsella, Stephen. Krapf, Matthias. Karlan, Dean S. Klimczuk, Andrzej. Klose, Jens. Kaufmann, Daniel. Kocherlakota, Narayana. Keinsley, Andrew. Kohn, David. Kerssenfischer, Mark. Kvangraven, Ingrid Harvold.

Lachowska, Marta. Lehmann, Etienne. Leibovici, Fernando. Lakdawala, Aeimit. Lancastle, Neil.

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Lombardi, Marco Jacopo. Lanne, Markku. Levin, Andrew Theo. Lecat, Remy. Ledenyov, Viktor Olegovich Sr. Lyons, Ronan C. Mitchell, Olivia S. Mitman, Kurt. Mohaddes, Kamiar. Mojon, Benoit. Maliranta, Mika. Megersa, Kelbesa Abdisa. Manasse, Paolo. Mongeau Ospina, Christian Alexander. Monnet, Eric. Meissner, Christopher M. Mejean, Isabelle Jeanne. Mele, Antonio. Mankiw, N. Melguizo, Angel. Motta, Giorgio E. Martin, Philippe. Martins, Pedro S. Michell, Jo. Mihalache, Gabriel. Nitsch, Volker. Nathanael, Reynold Christian. Novy, Dennis. Nientiedt, Daniel.

Osman, Amber. Oberhofer, Harald. Oosterlinck, Kim. Paccagnini, Alessia. Pensieroso, Luca. Palivos, Theodore. Pallage, Stephane. Palma, Nuno. Perez-Reyna, David Alejandro. Panagiotidis, Theodore. Pandey, Radhika. Panizza, Ugo. Papadia, Andrea. Portier, Franck. Pfarrhofer, Michael. Pourroy, Marc. Parker, Jonathan A. Prados de la Escosura, Leandro. Pica, Giovanni. Presbitero, Andrea Filippo. Pieters, Gina Christelle.

Passari, Evgenia. Pastore, Francesco. Piketty, Thomas. Pinter, Julien. Puch, Luis A. Peersman, Gert. Peichl, Andreas. Quast, Bastiaan Alexander. Rogoff, Kenneth S. Reinhart, Carmen M. Romelli, Davide. Restrepo-Echavarria, Paulina. Rey, Helene. Roventini, Andrea. Ruhm, Christopher. Rebucci, Alessandro. Russo, Alberto. I studied piano when I was ten, unfortunately I never became as good as Samson because I lacked the motivation. But I have used this wisdom for other aspects of my life. Also singing a song is sometimes better than owning a castle.

My goodness, such a catchy song. Lesson here is: Preferably in nineties tracksuits. The song taught me you should follow your dreams , even if that dream is to become a pirate. Even if your parents would prefer you to become a baker or farmer. I think I was twenty when this song came out. Loved it from the start because it was so catchy. There are plenty of sombreros and margaritas. One of them even has a moustache. This is the most normal thing to happen in a kids song in Belgium. Men dressing up as women is a recurring event in their music videos.

There are even countless moments it happens during their tv shows. It actually happened so much that kids and parents never seemed surprised by this. When I became an adult and someone would come out to me as being a crossdresser, I could have had so many emotional reactions ranging from disbelieve to anger to aggression. What happened was, the first time someone did came out to me, my reaction was: I hope to write another post about this brilliant duo that shaped my world as a kid since I could talk about them for hours.

In the mean time, let me know in the comments if you have a favorite kids song and the life lesson it taught you. The Sony XA1, you should buy one too! A post about my new smartphone. The Netherlands, country of tulips and windmills, of Euro-trash music and marijuana coffee shops. Plenty of reasons to go and visit. Do it like the Dutch do: Here are some of my favorite snowboard movies that have inspired me to keep pushing my limits when and will give you an insight into mountain culture. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. News Ticker. Belgium Europe Video. About Jozefien 70 Articles. Hi, my name is Jozefien.

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